Strategic Fighting System

 At some point in your life, you will find yourself in a situation where you have to defend yourself from one or more attackers. A street fight won't follow any rules if you find yourself in this situation, you need to do whatever is necessary to defend yourself and avoid getting seriously hurt.The aim is to protect yourself and get out of there.

 "MMA, BJJ and Martial Arts Modified and PERFECTED for the Street,,,

Street Fighting is a Whole Different ANIMAL"

How to Win a Street Fight:

"Standup Street Fighting on the Ground or with Weapons involved we have you covered!!!"

Techniques to Destroy Your Attacker

  • The best self-defense targets to aim for on the human body
  • The best stance to be in any self defense scenario
  • Choke holds to finish your opponent – FAST
  • Ways to catch your opponent off-guard in a street fight
  • Explosive close range fighting tactics
  • Devastating combinations using all of your bodily weapons (hands, feet, knees, elbows headbutts etc)
  • How to escape the most common holds including  chokes
  • How to take anyone to the ground in under 3 seconds
  • How to gain maximum power on all your strikes
  • Tactics against multiple attackers for street fighting
  • Proper use of improvised and common weapons
  • Defense against common and improvised weapons
  • Drills for speed and accuracy


"90 percent of all fights eventually end up on the ground according to an LAPD study."

Officers usually work in pairs and the end goal is to bring an assailant to the ground to cuff them that is where this misunderstood statistic was based.

Rorion misinterpreted the LAPD study  he quoted. Maybe he didn’t read it entirely. Maybe he misunderstood it. Maybe he did it on purpose. Who knows? Either way, it doesn’t matter he kept using this study as proof of his theory about the superiority of his family style.

The most important thing to do is, if you go to the ground in a real street fight  get back up at all costs!!!


  • ·  How to properly fall if you are pushed or knocked to the ground.
  • ·  Basic ground positions. The best and fastest ways to position your body on the ground.
  • ·  Kicking  from the ground against a standing opponent.
  • ·  What to do if your opponent grabs your legs or ankles while you are down.
  • ·  Effective Street Takedowns.
  • ·  Defending against side attacks.
  • ·  Defending your back from the rear attack when on the ground.
  • ·  Defending against chokes and punches while being mounted .
  • ·  Defending against takedowns

Ground Fighting on the Streets is REAL & "hard-core"  you must know to survive and WIN on the streets! This is real world ground fighting. This is not a sport its mean and dirty!

In self defense situations there are no rounds and street fights rarely last more than a few seconds. No real street confrontation ever lasts as long as an MMA match. Strategic Street Defense is a system meant to be hard, fast and nasty. The goal is to cause the maximum amount of pain FAST to end the assault.